Even to know that a guide/teacher from a different dimension to what earthlings are accustomed to exists is itself a favour.For those few who have the eyes of heart to see n perhaps one day to be graced with privilege to know is a grace.Coming breakdown will reveal everything.

What’s primary need for real change?To find teacher that subscribes to no belief system,ideology n is totally mad by worldly terms.Whose knowledge comes through many galactic experiences over aeons of time.Whose Love frequency resonates in sync with multiverses.Does he exist?Yes.

You may say I’m mad,stupid, arrogant to say change takes many many lifetimes.How do I know? Because I come from another domain of vvv highly advanced/evolved souls with most powerful energy of Love,knowledge n experience.My frequency is unlike anything you’ve ever known

My Spiritual guide said,many would like to change,but a faulty understanding guarantees failure.Its impossible to change over 40-50 lifetimes.Change is always at a snails pace,n over many lifetimes on earth n elsewhere.To resist the lure of material world n grow u soul takes time

When I first met my Spiritual guide,he said.If you can manage to change 1single person,truly change,then highest gifts of Universe mandatory for you.After 40 painful years of teaching I testify it’s easier to parachute to earth from Mars then change Humans.Try it out if u brave.

Intergalactic ruling on marriage between Humans will now be considered a crime against humanity.After 2020 March any human still married or even thinking of marriage will be exiled to lowest planetary system.Marriage contributes 98% of all diseases, negativity vibes n suicides.

All the warnings of coming breakdown fall on deaf ears.Humans far too busy in their customary frivolity to notice the rapidly unfolding events/tragedies.No amount of technological achievement can avert what’s about to strike suddenly, ferociously leaving destruction and despair.

So much is happening unseen,unknown,n yet very disturbing.The earth is nearing breaking point.Soon the first major disasters will strike in different parts of the world.Signalling the start of worldwide disruptions.Humans r unprepared for what’s coming.what to do?Be alert awake.