How can words be a substitute for a lived experience.Yet most humanity r satisfied with words, written n spoken.Too afraid to plunge into the experience with all its pain n uncertainty.So most remain ignorant of their vast potential.lifetime after lifetime repeating same mistakes

Trump doesn’t need to go to “war” to destroy a nation.He just needs to be himself.A dense dark absolutely negative force.He’s actions n words destroying unity n fabric of society.Energetically his damage is undermining both people n institutions.That’s why USA is doomed to suffer

Positive energy vibrates up from 0-10 n negative down from 0-10.Since Trump’s campaign to now his every utterance,action has created divisions,anger,hatred stress making frequency to plummet to -10 negative.Making people more prone to all types negativity-eg.depression, violence.

With most people world wide in grinding poverty.Whilst many in the middle n upper classes on anti depressants,sleeping tabs drugs n alcohol.Most relationships in n out of marriage collapsing.looked at from spirit world it’s humanity in free fall.Can anyone help?no, it’s too late.

Russia after Putin will rapidly decline.China’s dictatorship does not lend itself to lead.Japan will be destroyed by natural disasters.India will break up as also EU. USA’S decline n breakup is well underway. Who’ll be new boss nation?Non,that era is gone. Now breakdown n rebirth

People’s nations n civilisations are given a mission for given periods of time to be leaders.Then as always rot sets in n decline leads to fall.”Western Christian” civilisation n it’s “values” are dated,n rotten.Soon they’ll be replaced.It’s always happened,no one can stop it.

When a nation’s mandate to rule is over.They usually get leaders that aid the process of decline.Trump will do what’s needed to cause the divisions n disenchantment to grow.Nothing can save USA,it’s retribution time.No one is ever special.Though many great civilisations think so

When Trump said shit hole countries.Many were angry with him,but in spirit world they were cheering wildly.They were chanting his name,shit stirer shit stirer sock it to ’em.His tweets are widely read in spirit world,where billions follow him n call him a genius unlike any other.

All the knowledge of every incarnation here on earth and also all other domains you’ve incarnated in is locked up in your soul essence.To access it is a long n painful journey into your own heart via meditation with an ancient soul.Such souls r vvv rare They find u when u ready.

Trump’s daily morning routine after having his McDonald’s burger. The entire cabinet stands to attention.Whilst Trump blares out daily mantra. Who’s the greatest shit stirer in the world.All respond in unison-the Donald,the Donald.Whose most full of shit?Now all say-Trump,Trump.