Some ask if there’s no alternative to a complete breakdown of society.The spirit world doesn’t act arbitrarily.Look around you n the vice like grip of Powerful political/financial Elite over the world.The only choice left is to destroy everything-“good n bad”.Then?Start again.

Eventually all will be destroyed on the earth n breakdown will be long n painful. Then with a few million people slowly a new more caring society will be born.Focusing on the soul’s development through the challenges of material world.But v few will survive self inflicted carnage

Is the Messiah born?Yes.Where was he born? not Middle East,Asia, Europe or North America.those places represent the old stale sick era.All the old civilisations in northern hemisphere will be destroyed by their own actions.No one will believe that now.But Watch events in 2018.

Does the Messiah belong to any religion?No,he doesn’t need to belong to any religion or group.His powerful essence of Unconditional Love n compassion irrespective of race,colour,religion is what’s needed for the dark times ahead.Its not what he’ll say but the energies he carries.

Just as it’s the nature of the sun to give light n heat.So it’s the nature of those vvv few rare souls to infuse the earth with their essence.The Messiah’s essence is Divine Love n compassion. Like the sun he doesn’t need to do anything.His very existence helps humanity.

The Messiah will not need to give speeches or write anything.He will work energetically,as energy has no time space constraints.His energy frequency so powerful,that he can do as he pleases.His main task to help destroy the old,n infuse all with his energy of LOVE n compassion

The Messiah’s message will be especially for those who are now 20 years n younger.His energy of LOVE n compassion will be relevant to the needs of this new era,n the disenchanted youth.The old world order will be destroyed by war n natural disasters.The Messiah is coming to heal

Is there such a thing as the coming of a Messiah? If so how to recognise him given all the confusion amongst believers n non believers? What will be the signs?If u looking to past scriptures u won’t succeed.what then?He will carry powerful energy of LOVE n compassion to heal all.