Trump doesn’t need to go to “war” to destroy a nation.He just needs to be himself.A dense dark absolutely negative force.He’s actions n words destroying unity n fabric of society.Energetically his damage is undermining both people n institutions.That’s why USA is doomed to suffer

With most people world wide in grinding poverty.Whilst many in the middle n upper classes on anti depressants,sleeping tabs drugs n alcohol.Most relationships in n out of marriage collapsing.looked at from spirit world it’s humanity in free fall.Can anyone help?no, it’s too late.

All the knowledge of every incarnation here on earth and also all other domains you’ve incarnated in is locked up in your soul essence.To access it is a long n painful journey into your own heart via meditation with an ancient soul.Such souls r vvv rare They find u when u ready.

The tragedy is as Humans have degenerated they’ve lost all sense of reality.Material world has gripped them and all that constitutes their God given humanity is now a caricature.Never previously have humans reached such degradation without them being destroyed.Is it the end now?

Yes,it’s new year,but it’s not going to be a good year.After the drinks n partying reality will once again assert itself.Debts,misery,fights arguments,breakups.welcome to your world of escapism.But it’s only going to get worse.I’ll wait,I know the secrets of life.i still love u.

All the warnings of coming breakdown fall on deaf ears.Humans far too busy in their customary frivolity to notice the rapidly unfolding events/tragedies.No amount of technological achievement can avert what’s about to strike suddenly, ferociously leaving destruction and despair.

So much is happening unseen,unknown,n yet very disturbing.The earth is nearing breaking point.Soon the first major disasters will strike in different parts of the world.Signalling the start of worldwide disruptions.Humans r unprepared for what’s coming.what to do?Be alert awake.