This energy of destruction is going to impact everything on earth. From the air above through the surface to the core of the earth.Nothing will remain untouched n loss of life will be in the billions.U may not believe it,but if u look around.The breakdown with families has begun.

Some ask if there’s no alternative to a complete breakdown of society.The spirit world doesn’t act arbitrarily.Look around you n the vice like grip of Powerful political/financial Elite over the world.The only choice left is to destroy everything-“good n bad”.Then?Start again.

Eventually all will be destroyed on the earth n breakdown will be long n painful. Then with a few million people slowly a new more caring society will be born.Focusing on the soul’s development through the challenges of material world.But v few will survive self inflicted carnage

Have rich n powerful people ever changed voluntarily for the better to help humanity? If not,what can be done to help change current hopeless situation?The vice like grip of elite on levers of power means intervention through disasters.Its going to be ugly,painful,costly n long.

Slowly but surely natural disasters r increasing, spreading n getting stronger.Soon populated areas will be affected with serious infrastructure damage n human casualties.Most people haven’t got a clue n are unprepared.Governments have no resources to cope with such emergencies.

How can words be a substitute for a lived experience.Yet most humanity r satisfied with words, written n spoken.Too afraid to plunge into the experience with all its pain n uncertainty.So most remain ignorant of their vast potential.lifetime after lifetime repeating same mistakes

Trump doesn’t need to go to “war” to destroy a nation.He just needs to be himself.A dense dark absolutely negative force.He’s actions n words destroying unity n fabric of society.Energetically his damage is undermining both people n institutions.That’s why USA is doomed to suffer

With most people world wide in grinding poverty.Whilst many in the middle n upper classes on anti depressants,sleeping tabs drugs n alcohol.Most relationships in n out of marriage collapsing.looked at from spirit world it’s humanity in free fall.Can anyone help?no, it’s too late.