Your problems oh mankind is that you’ve no idea what LOVE really is. It can’t be known unless someone possessing it’s essence transmits it to u energetically.Thus igniting your heart’s own inner reality.Soon u will know such a soul now walks the earth.Look for him he’s waiting.

U have eyes n ears,but u didn’t see or hear me.U have a heart but u didn’t feel or recognise me.Why?So drowned were u in material world that I turned back,knowing that u weren’t ready for the LOVE I came to give u.U ask me when will u be ready.Not in this lifetime or many to come

This energy of destruction is going to impact everything on earth. From the air above through the surface to the core of the earth.Nothing will remain untouched n loss of life will be in the billions.U may not believe it,but if u look around.The breakdown with families has begun.

Given that we’re in animal body with all its defects like having to urinate,defacate,have sex like animals.You’d have thought humans would have a wee bit of humility n gratitude for the many gifts.But alas human pride,ingratitude n ignorance doesn’t allow for humility

What humans n scientists don’t understand is their science can only know what spirit world allows them to know.And that is vvv limited.Human pride n absence of modicum of humility blinds humans to their insignificance.If humans ever come to understand that they’ll be given more

Ours is not an enlightened society able to choose spiritual evolution of soul over ephemeral earthly considerations.Because from the beginning an elite has devised our education to keep most ignorant.Even the many prophets couldn’t awaken/free but a few.Humans r weak n helpless.

How long have humans been on earth?Thousands of years?hundreds of thousands of years?Humans have been here for millions of years.Its essential part of a soul’s journey,n only 1 part that takes aeons of time.Evolution is a snails pace over many millions of years n little progress

The greatest burden most humans carry is unseen,but very potent burden of ignorance.This compels the soul to return lifetime after lifetime trying to shed this burden,to finally move forward.Nothing other then an ancient evolved soul filled with love can help free u from u

So little do humans know of the realities behind the facade of daily life.Spiritually speaking 99% humans are blind n deaf.Unless they fortunate to find representative of spirit world who’s not attached to anything or anyone from old era.only such a one can free u from ignorance.