Positive energy vibrates up from 0-10 n negative down from 0-10.Since Trump’s campaign to now his every utterance,action has created divisions,anger,hatred stress making frequency to plummet to -10 negative.Making people more prone to all types negativity-eg.depression, violence.

With most people world wide in grinding poverty.Whilst many in the middle n upper classes on anti depressants,sleeping tabs drugs n alcohol.Most relationships in n out of marriage collapsing.looked at from spirit world it’s humanity in free fall.Can anyone help?no, it’s too late.

When a nation’s mandate to rule is over.They usually get leaders that aid the process of decline.Trump will do what’s needed to cause the divisions n disenchantment to grow.Nothing can save USA,it’s retribution time.No one is ever special.Though many great civilisations think so

When Trump said shit hole countries.Many were angry with him,but in spirit world they were cheering wildly.They were chanting his name,shit stirer shit stirer sock it to ’em.His tweets are widely read in spirit world,where billions follow him n call him a genius unlike any other.

Regime change is not only initiated by”Western Nations”but also Spirit world.Unlike Humans spirit world gives many opportunities n warnings to change.Eventually nations write their own death warrant by their pig headedness.Can anything save the “Western Nations”.No it’s too late.

Earth is like a nursery for new born n vvv young souls.your mistake is to judge/evaluate them based on earthly considerations like pedigree, education,wealth n power etc.Only those who’ve been sent as advanced souls to teach know the truth.But they’re just a few n mostly ignored.

It’s not that humans don’t want to learn,or incapable of learning.Rather the age of the soul that determines the reality.98% of souls are young n clueless, spiritually speaking.The pace of evolution is vvv slow n souls will incarnate on earth n elsewhere multiple times.