Ours is not an enlightened society able to choose spiritual evolution of soul over ephemeral earthly considerations.Because from the beginning an elite has devised our education to keep most ignorant.Even the many prophets couldn’t awaken/free but a few.Humans r weak n helpless.

How long have humans been on earth?Thousands of years?hundreds of thousands of years?Humans have been here for millions of years.Its essential part of a soul’s journey,n only 1 part that takes aeons of time.Evolution is a snails pace over many millions of years n little progress

All the knowledge of every incarnation here on earth and also all other domains you’ve incarnated in is locked up in your soul essence.To access it is a long n painful journey into your own heart via meditation with an ancient soul.Such souls r vvv rare They find u when u ready.

Earth is like a nursery for new born n vvv young souls.your mistake is to judge/evaluate them based on earthly considerations like pedigree, education,wealth n power etc.Only those who’ve been sent as advanced souls to teach know the truth.But they’re just a few n mostly ignored.

It’s not that humans don’t want to learn,or incapable of learning.Rather the age of the soul that determines the reality.98% of souls are young n clueless, spiritually speaking.The pace of evolution is vvv slow n souls will incarnate on earth n elsewhere multiple times.

From the world I come all present human institutions are primitive,suitable for human’s present level of development.Yet Humanity believes they’re the most advanced in the Galaxy. Humanities greatest flaw is it’s pride,which blinds them to truth.What’s answer? sadly,a breakdown.

If you’re blind,deaf,n ignorant of body it’s bad enough.If you’re spiritually the same you’ll incarnate over n over again.until you obtain sight, hearing n knowledge of heart to promote interests of your soul.Non can be forced,it’s always a free choice.98% are spiritually asleep.