All the knowledge of every incarnation here on earth and also all other domains you’ve incarnated in is locked up in your soul essence.To access it is a long n painful journey into your own heart via meditation with an ancient soul.Such souls r vvv rare They find u when u ready.

Earth is like a nursery for new born n vvv young souls.your mistake is to judge/evaluate them based on earthly considerations like pedigree, education,wealth n power etc.Only those who’ve been sent as advanced souls to teach know the truth.But they’re just a few n mostly ignored.

Since few will believe that the breakdown has already begun.All the texts relating to the Messiah will seem very far fetched.But as soon as the first disasters happen.Many will begin to understand that they were being warned.Don’t laugh n mock,rather be cautious n look around u.

The journey of the soul can’t even begin until n unless a highly advanced Spiritual guide gives u inner sight n removes ignorance.Most r mired in material world n have been stuck for aeons of time.All the glitter is but a trap n illusion.Most repeat same mistake every lifetime.

If you’re blind,deaf,n ignorant of body it’s bad enough.If you’re spiritually the same you’ll incarnate over n over again.until you obtain sight, hearing n knowledge of heart to promote interests of your soul.Non can be forced,it’s always a free choice.98% are spiritually asleep.

Even to know that a guide/teacher from a different dimension to what earthlings are accustomed to exists is itself a favour.For those few who have the eyes of heart to see n perhaps one day to be graced with privilege to know is a grace.Coming breakdown will reveal everything.

What’s primary need for real change?To find teacher that subscribes to no belief system,ideology n is totally mad by worldly terms.Whose knowledge comes through many galactic experiences over aeons of time.Whose Love frequency resonates in sync with multiverses.Does he exist?Yes.

You may say I’m mad,stupid, arrogant to say change takes many many lifetimes.How do I know? Because I come from another domain of vvv highly advanced/evolved souls with most powerful energy of Love,knowledge n experience.My frequency is unlike anything you’ve ever known