With most people world wide in grinding poverty.Whilst many in the middle n upper classes on anti depressants,sleeping tabs drugs n alcohol.Most relationships in n out of marriage collapsing.looked at from spirit world it’s humanity in free fall.Can anyone help?no, it’s too late.

Yes,it’s new year,but it’s not going to be a good year.After the drinks n partying reality will once again assert itself.Debts,misery,fights arguments,breakups.welcome to your world of escapism.But it’s only going to get worse.I’ll wait,I know the secrets of life.i still love u.

Intergalactic ruling on marriage between Humans will now be considered a crime against humanity.After 2020 March any human still married or even thinking of marriage will be exiled to lowest planetary system.Marriage contributes 98% of all diseases, negativity vibes n suicides.