Most matters relating to the soul cannot be known by most due to delinquent nature of mind.Its not easy to still the mind’s chatter n inclination to distractions.Even with strong meditation it takes many years of disciplined meditation to overcome.Such meditation teachers r rare.

Ours is not an enlightened society able to choose spiritual evolution of soul over ephemeral earthly considerations.Because from the beginning an elite has devised our education to keep most ignorant.Even the many prophets couldn’t awaken/free but a few.Humans r weak n helpless.

Some ask if there’s no alternative to a complete breakdown of society.The spirit world doesn’t act arbitrarily.Look around you n the vice like grip of Powerful political/financial Elite over the world.The only choice left is to destroy everything-“good n bad”.Then?Start again.

Eventually all will be destroyed on the earth n breakdown will be long n painful. Then with a few million people slowly a new more caring society will be born.Focusing on the soul’s development through the challenges of material world.But v few will survive self inflicted carnage

How long have humans been on earth?Thousands of years?hundreds of thousands of years?Humans have been here for millions of years.Its essential part of a soul’s journey,n only 1 part that takes aeons of time.Evolution is a snails pace over many millions of years n little progress

They are called “Souls of LOVE”sent by the Eternal One to give expression to love by expressing it onto a vvv rare beloved.Thus triggering vvv highest frequency of Love energy that sustains all on earth n into the universe.There have only ever been about 5 such Souls.

The greatest burden most humans carry is unseen,but very potent burden of ignorance.This compels the soul to return lifetime after lifetime trying to shed this burden,to finally move forward.Nothing other then an ancient evolved soul filled with love can help free u from u

Through the heart and only through the heart can u excess the galaxies. Don’t be stuck here on earth, it’s only an illusion.Find Spiritual guide of new era,not those stuck in dead religions of past no longer valid.Belief systems keep u imprisoned.Eternal One wants u to be free.

Only the heart carries the light of the Eternal One,and all have that light.Fully opened the universe fits into 💓 only a handful have ever opened its full capacity.Not even most Prophets managed to open it fully.Only a vvv highly advanced soul can help you to open a small chink.

So little do humans know of the realities behind the facade of daily life.Spiritually speaking 99% humans are blind n deaf.Unless they fortunate to find representative of spirit world who’s not attached to anything or anyone from old era.only such a one can free u from ignorance.