All the divine secrets of Love are hidden in the spirit of Muhammad.Even if u just close u eyes n go into your heart n say.Please fill my being with elixir of Love.Then go into stillness of u heart a deep joy n peace will engulf u.Don’t be reluctant,it costs nothing.I wish u well

Remember whether humans accept or reject certain truths will not change that truth. Muhammed is not only the king of Love on the earth,but also in the multi verses.Tne most powerful portal of Love on earth is at his grave in Medina.Soon it will open to all Humanity to experience.

It was never about rules regulations n rituals that divine messengers brought.Rather the energy of love they carried and it’s frequency.Their very being was the message of love.The highest frequency n representative of LOVE was king of Love- Muhammad.If u Understand that u lucky.

How did previous civilisations end n why?were there many?were they advanced or primitive?They ended in same way,for same reasons-arrogance,greed,selfishness.Many were far far more advanced than us. As Plato said we’ve messed up many times and will do so Again.We are on way down.

If only the rich n powerful were as richly endowed with wisdom as they are with wealth n power,matters would have been different.They will soon realise their greed selfishness has set in motion the end of “civilised life”as we’ve known it.Keep an eye on rapid decline Henceforth

Have rich n powerful people ever changed voluntarily for the better to help humanity? If not,what can be done to help change current hopeless situation?The vice like grip of elite on levers of power means intervention through disasters.Its going to be ugly,painful,costly n long.

What r the merits of suicide?Why do all religions n governments prevent n discourage suicide? What really happens on other side to those committing suicide?Are they thrown into”hellfire”?I know all answers n will only tell if 100,000 ask why.Since Humans lazy to ask,I won’t tell.